Having consolidated in core areas, the need to initiate Academic program in Business Informatics at IIITA stems from a profound market demand in academia and practice both.

Academic programs combining Businesses and IT are already successful with nomenclature of Business Information Systems, Business Analytics or Business Informatics in many Universities around the world including Europe, USA and Australia and has become regular academic program in many Universities worldwide with Bachelor and Master programs alongwith doctoral research.

B.Tech. (IT)- Spl. Business Informatics program has internationalization embedded with aim to be produce graduates equipped to function in entry-level business informatics positions with a strong basis for continued career growth enabled with Research & Innovation capabilities. And so, a BI graduate will be ready for Industry 4.0 and acquainted with problem solving models, techniques and approaches; critical thinking and creativity; leadership standards; codes of professional conduct; legal and regulatory standards with strong international flavor.