The B.Tech. IT-Business Informatics is predominantly a B.Tech IT program with all compulsory subjects of B.Tech. IT already part of the B.Tech. IT-Business Informatics program as well and also with all the rules and regulations regarding course conduction, evaluation and award being exactly same. Also that the new program is in complete compliance with national statutory bodies and thus all the opportunities available for B.Tech. IT program shall continue to be available to the B.Tech. IT-Business Informatics program as well including that of higher education and job related skills etc The proposed program is designed taking into consideration the current structure of flagship B.Tech program running at IIITA with all the rules and ordinances effective as on date.

1) The Program has maintained it’s core IT structure alognwith whatever was mandatory for a Technology Bachelor program as per national statutory bodies.

  The first Semester being exactly same for all the branches and specializations with an option of internal sliding as per Institute rules.

  The subjects with Business Informatics shall be included as specializations in the consecutive semesters with other associated activities like Internships etc.

2) In view of internationalization as embedded part of the program, the students will be required to undergo at​least one Foreign Language (French / German) as part of the course.

3) The program has an important pedagogical approach of ‘Learning by Doing’ with Summer Internships beginning right from Second year.

Thus Courses are structured accordingly with identified Business / Industry participation.